Clipper Round the World Race 2011-12

Clipper 2011-1228-31 July 2011 – The Clipper fleet was at Southampton’s Ocean Village making their final preparations for the 2011-12 Round the World race.

The fleet is made up of 10, 68 foot yachts and the race track is 40,000 miles long.  It will take eleven months to complete the circumnavigation. The race is divided into a series of eight legs and crews can decide to race one of them, select a combination of legs or sign up to become a round the world crew member and complete the full circumnavigation.

Tracey Clarke hosted the commentary and crew stage presentations throughout the weekend.  Her knowledge of the race and obvious affinity with the audience helped to make the  commentary and interviews on stage with Race Director, Jonathan Bailey both accessible and interesting.

On Sunday Tracey introduced the teams to the audience of visitors, well-wishers and supporters before leading a moving commentary as the crowds cheered them all on their way from Ocean Village to the start line off Cowes.  The fleet was escorted by HMS Illustrious and a huge flotilla of smaller craft.  Clipper flotilla, HMS Illustrious

The race can be followed at: